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The Black Mage of Final Fantasy 14 – A Finger-Lickin’ Crossover

In the realm of gaming crossovers, where worlds collide and unexpected alliances form, Final Fantasy 14 has surprised its players once again. Recently, the Twitter account for KFC Japan posted a cryptic video featuring none other than the iconic Colonel Sanders, peering out over the cliffs of La Noscea. With the enigmatic caption, “Colonel Sanders is steadily preparing for a new adventure in another world…” fans of the game were left both intrigued and bewildered.

A Mysterious Teaser

The teaser video, though seemingly hopeful, takes an unexpected turn. As the camera slowly zooms in on Colonel Sanders‘ pristine white hair, a cyberpunk-worthy glitch effect engulfs the screen, followed by the stark words, “Coming Soon,” displayed on a pitch-black void. It’s a far cry from the typical finger-lickin‘ comfort we associate with KFC.

Colonel Sanders, the Black Mage

The plot thickens with the revelation that Colonel Sanders will join the ranks of Final Fantasy 14 as a Black Mage. This unexpected twist, akin to a horror-movie revelation, showcases the Colonel brandishing a gnarled staff and unleashing the devastating Triplecast ability. For those unfamiliar with the game, Triplecast enables Black Mages to instantly cast three of their most destructive spells consecutively.

The Power of Colonel Sanders

To add to the intrigue, it’s been disclosed that Colonel Sanders will have a minimum level of 66, allowing him to wield potent spells like Blizzard IV, Fire IV, and Thunder IV. The prospect of a max-level Colonel Sanders casting spells that strike fear into the hearts of players is both amusing and somewhat unnerving. Just imagine facing a fast-food mascot who can invoke the dreaded “Despair.” If he’s accompanied by a full party of seven members, he can unleash the Black Mage’s limit break, Meteor, which lives up to its catastrophic name.

A History of Unique Crossovers

For those who follow Final Fantasy 14 closely, this kind of crossover isn’t entirely unexpected. In 2021, Square Enix partnered with Grubhub, allowing players to unlock a pizza-themed emote by ordering real-world pizza. There was also a collaboration with Butterfinger that granted players a charming chocolate-themed mount.

KFC’s Previous Impact

KFC has left its mark on the MMO world before. In 2019, Chinese players could unlock a ‘Fat Chocobo‘ mount by devouring an entire family meal for four—a task only achievable in a dine-in setting, where the staff could ensure you’d paid your proper tribute to the Colonel. Only the most determined and hearty adventurers could claim this nightmare steed.

What Lies Ahead

As of now, details about this unique cross-promotion remain shrouded in mystery. It’s uncertain whether this will be a Japan-exclusive event or available to players worldwide. Will we see a bespoke popcorn chicken emote, a mount recolor, or perhaps even basic food items as rewards? One thing’s for sure—Colonel Sanders’ newfound mastery over spells of rime and ruin will be a spectacle to behold.


Final Fantasy 14 continues to surprise and delight its player base with unexpected collaborations, and the imminent arrival of Colonel Sanders as a Black Mage is no exception. While the form of this cross-promotion remains a mystery, one thing is clear: the Colonel is ready to cast a spell of excitement over the gaming world. So, adventurers, prepare yourselves for a finger-lickin’ good time in Eorzea!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this cross-promotion exclusive to Japan?

The exact details of the cross-promotion are still unknown, so it’s unclear whether it will be Japan-exclusive or available to players worldwide.

What rewards can we expect from this collaboration?

The rewards are yet to be revealed, but they could range from emotes to mount recolors or even unique in-game items.

What level will Colonel Sanders be in Final Fantasy 14?

Colonel Sanders will have a minimum level of 66, making him a formidable addition to the game.

How often does Final Fantasy 14 have crossovers like this?

Final Fantasy 14 has a history of unique crossovers, partnering with various brands and offering exciting in-game rewards to its players.

Can we expect more surprises from Final Fantasy 14 in the future?

Given the game’s track record, it’s highly likely that more surprising collaborations and events await players in the future.

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