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Developer Battlestate Games Announces Exciting Escape From Tarkov Wipe Tomorrow!

Escape From Tarkov enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Battlestate Games has officially confirmed that the much-anticipated wipe is scheduled for tomorrow, December 27, at 7 am GMT / 2 am EST.

Wipe Details and Patch 0.14 Features

Prepare for a six-hour hiatus as the wipe coincides with the installation of the 0.14 patch. This update introduces a plethora of exciting features, including the Ground Zero map, a formidable boss named Kollontay, and a comprehensive overhaul of the recoil system.

Community Anticipation and Speculations

The community has been buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the wipe and speculating on the magnitude of changes the recoil system overhaul will bring. With expectations running high, players are gearing up for a fresh start in the immersive world of Tarkov.

Additional Updates and New Map Features

Apart from the new map and boss, players can anticipate the introduction of new weapons, potential updates to Shoreline, and the addition of the BTR to the Streets of Tarkov. Ground Zero, the new map, is expected to be a haven for low-level players, offering a unique starting point for their Tarkov journey.

Ideal Time to Dive Into Tarkov

Considering the wipe resets everyone to square one, now is an ideal time to jump into Tarkov, especially with the ongoing holiday sale adding an extra layer of incentive. Embrace the challenge, build your arsenal, and conquer the unpredictable streets of Tarkov.

Arena and Pre-Wipe Events

Notably, the wipe will have no impact on Escape From Tarkov Arena, ensuring that the progress made in the recently launched game remains intact. The pre-wipe period has been filled with exciting events, including a divisive quest line that will see its conclusion with the wipe.

Community Reactions and Controversies

As the wipe approaches, the community reflects on the pre-wipe events, and speculation rises about the fate of the controversial quest line. With Battlestate Games addressing concerns, players are curious to see how the quest line’s removal will unfold.


In conclusion, the imminent wipe brings a wave of excitement and anticipation to the Escape From Tarkov community. With new maps, bosses, and overhauled mechanics on the horizon, players are gearing up for an exhilarating Tarkov experience. The wipe not only resets the game but also opens doors to new possibilities, making it an ideal time for both veterans and newcomers to dive into the action.

What is a wipe in Escape From Tarkov?

A wipe in Tarkov is a periodic reset of player progress, including gear, levels, and quests, providing a fresh start for all players.

How often do wipes occur in the game?

Wipes occur at irregular intervals, typically accompanying major updates or significant changes to game mechanics.

Are wipes necessary for game balance?

Yes, wipes help maintain game balance by resetting player advantages and providing everyone with an equal footing.

What can players expect from the new Ground Zero map?

Ground Zero is expected to be a low-level player-focused map, offering new challenges and opportunities for fresh starts.

Will there be any changes to existing game mechanics?

The 0.14 patch brings an overhaul to the recoil system, promising significant changes to the way weapons behave in the game.

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