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Bronny James’ Health Scare: Son of LeBron James Suffers Cardiac Episode at USC Basketball Practice

Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James, recently experienced a concerning health incident during a USC basketball practice session. The 18-year-old, about to embark on his collegiate career at USC, suffered a cardiac episode, raising alarm and concern among his teammates, coaches, and fans. Thanks to the swift response of the medical staff, Bronny is now in stable condition, prompting expressions of gratitude from his family. As the sports world rallies behind him, the incident sheds light on the importance of athlete health and the dedication of medical professionals in ensuring their safety.

Bronny James’ Health Scare

A Sudden Cardiac Episode

During a routine USC basketball practice, Bronny James suffered a cardiac episode, a sudden and alarming health incident that garnered immediate attention and medical intervention.

Timely Medical Response

USC’s medical team responded promptly, administering crucial medical attention to Bronny James and ensuring he received the necessary treatment. Their swift action played a vital role in stabilizing his condition.

Gratitude to Medical and Athletic Staff

In response to the incident, the James family expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their outstanding efforts in handling the emergency situation. LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, publicly thanked the staff for their dedication to athlete safety.

Support from Fellow Athletes:

Damar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills safety who had also experienced a cardiac episode during a football game, offered words of support to Bronny James on social media. Such displays of solidarity and compassion underscore the unity within the sports community.

Previous Incidents in USC Basketball

Bronny James’ health scare is not the first incident involving cardiac health within USC basketball. In 2022, Vincent Nwachukwu, another player from the team, also experienced a cardiac episode. These occurrences emphasize the need for athlete health awareness and preparedness.

USC Basketball’s International Preparations

As Bronny James prepared for his collegiate career at USC, the team was also gearing up for an exhibition tour in Croatia and Greece. NCAA regulations granted USC additional practice days to ensure the team’s readiness for the upcoming tour.


Bronny James’ cardiac episode during a USC basketball practice has garnered widespread concern and support from the sports world. The quick response of the USC medical and athletic staff played a pivotal role in stabilizing his condition. As we continue to follow updates on his recovery, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the significance of athlete health and the tireless dedication of medical professionals in safeguarding the well-being of athletes. The sports community stands united behind Bronny James, extending heartfelt wishes for a swift and complete recovery, while highlighting the ongoing efforts to prioritize athlete health and safety.

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